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5GB monthly mobile broadband data

4G data speeds


plan fee per month month to month

Minimum cost over 1 month$30

Cost of 1MB data$0.0060



10GB monthly mobile broadband data

4G data speeds


plan fee per month month to month

Minimum cost over 1 month$45

Cost of 1MB data$0.0045



20GB monthly mobile broadband data

4G data speeds


plan fee per month month to month

Minimum cost over 1 month$65

Cost of 1MB data$0.0033



30GB monthly mobile broadband data

4G data speeds


plan fee per month month to month

Minimum cost over 1 month$85

Cost of 1MB data$0.0028

Broadband on the go

Want to connect to the internet without a phone line or nbn™ internet connection?
These SIM only plans are a fast and easy way to connect to the web anywhere there’s 4G reception, on the go, outside, or away from home.

About 4G broadband

Our 4G mobile broadband internet is the fast, easy way to connect to the internet using the mobile phone data network. You can download and browse the internet at fast speeds without the need for an ADSL or NBN internet connection. *Actual speeds may vary due to a number of variables including weather conditions, distance from tower as well as any obstructions that can impede the signal.

Coverage & Speed

Coverage & Speed

View the 4G Coverage Map

SIM Included

SIM Included

We'll send you a 4G SIM Card that's compatible with mini, micro and nano sizes, so you're ready to get connected right away, regardless of what device you have.

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Information About This Service
Minimum Term

This is a month to month plan. The minimum term is one month.

Credit Inclusions

Data as specified in the table above.

Changing Your Plan

You can change to a different plan with mobile data, at any time at no charge

Data Renewal Date

The renewal day for your monthly data download quota is the first day of your billing period.


No device is included in this plan


In some cases, reception, can be improved by using an external aerial attached to the USB modem. Southern Phone does not provide aerials and we suggest you source them from an electronics specialist.


You can send and receive text messages using Mobile Broadband Service. Each text message (SMS) is charged at $0.25 cents per 160-character message.

Your Service Cannot Be Used Overseas

Because of the extremely high rates charged by overseas carriers the service cannot be used overseas. If you travel you should get a local service in your destination country.

Network Information

This Mobile Broadband service uses the Telstra 4G and 3G Mobile network. Mobile broadband services are affected by network utilisation, weather conditions, the distance from the tower and hills as well as building types and other obstructions that can impede the signal. Also, where the network is under heavy load, a voice call will take precedence over a mobile data connection. This congestion can be worse in high use periods like school holidays.

Information About Pricing
Total Minimum Cost

The total minimum amount you’ll have to pay is shown in the table above.

Maximum Monthly Charge

Your maximum monthly charge is equal to the minimum monthly charge for this plan, unless you incur excess data charges during the month.

Excess Usage Charges

If you exceed your monthly included data usage allowance, then your service will be stopped. You will automatically receive a SMS sent to your Mobile Broadband Service to notify you when you are approaching and have exceeded your monthly data usage. Unused data allowance in any month cannot be rolled into subsequent months.

What it Costs For Some Basic Usage

The cost of 1MB of data, where your total data usage in a month equals the data allowance for your plan is shown in the table above.

Other Charges

The SIM replacement fee is $20.


Email billing is free. There is a $2.20 charge to print and post a paper bill. We waive this charge if you pay your bill by direct debit. Your service is invoiced on the same date each month. The monthly plan fee is charged in advance. Your first invoice will be for more than the monthly plan fee because it will include the plan fee for the days between service activation and your first invoice date plus the plan fee for the next full month.

Other Information
Obtaining Call and Data Use Information

To access information about your expenditure and data usage, please log into your account at southernphone.com.au

Customer Service

For customer service please call us on 13 14 64.

Dispute Resolution

If you have a problem or complaint about your service please call us on 13 14 64. If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058. For full information visit tio.com.au/about-us/contact-us

This is a summary only. For the full pricing, terms and conditions applicable to this service, please visit southernphone.com.au