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Line only

Local calls25c per call

National calls25c/min capped at $1.98 for 1 hour

Calls to mobiles37c/min capped at $1.49 for 10 minutes

Calls to 13 numbers40c per call


plan fee per month month to month

Minimum cost over 1 month$25



Local callsUnlimited

National callsUnlimited

Calls to mobilesUnlimited

Calls to 13 numbersUnlimited


plan fee per month month to month

Minimum cost over 1 month$70

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Our standard home phone plans are all about choice and simplicity. Choose from three simple plans depending on your needs, with each upgrade offering calls to more services. Choose our Large plan to make calls to mobiles and 13 numbers.

Get help

Get help

Got questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions area to find the answer you’re looking for. Visit our FAQ area.

International rates

International rates

Want to know how much it will cost to call overseas? View our international rates page to find out.



For the fourth year in a row, we’ve been awarded Home Phone Provider of the Year by Roy Morgan Research!

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Information About This Service
Fixed Line Service

Home Phone Small, Medium and Large are postpaid fixed line plans.

Minimum Term

All Home Phone plans have no contract period.

Your Plan Credit Inclusions
  • Call credit to the value specified in the table above. 
  • You can upgrade to a plan with more call credit at any time at no charge. You may also change your plan to a lower monthly fee at any time with no charge. Any included value does not carry over to your new plan.

Plan Exclusions

Calls in excess of your plan credit, calls to 13 and 1300 numbers and all other services not specified as being included in the monthly credit. Calls to 13 numbers are include in the Large plan (eg., Messagebank and handset rental).

Information About Pricing
General Info

Your minimum monthly charge is the plan fee as specified in the table above. If you use more than the monthly call credit or use services not included in the credit you’ll have to pay more than the plan fee.

What it costs for basic use on this plan
  • The cost of a local call is 25 cents
  • A 2 minute national call is 95 cents
  • A 2 minute call to an Australian mobile is $1.19
International Call Charges

For international call rates please see visit www.southernphone.com.au/fixed-line/international-rates

International, national and calls to mobiles are charged in per minute blocks. A call connection fee of 45 cents applies to these calls

Call Charges
  • Local calls 25 cents
  • Calls to mobiles 37 cents a minute capped at $1.49 for 10 minutes
  • National calls 25 cents a minute capped at $1.98 for 1 hour
  • Calls to 13 and 1300 numbers are 40 cents
  • For international call rates please see our website
  • A call connection fee of 45 cents applies to all international, national and calls to mobiles. These calls are charged in per minute blocks
Other Information

Email billing is free. There is a $2.20 charge to print and post a paper bill. We waive this charge if you have more than one service with us.

If you have only one service with us, you may receive your bill every two months, otherwise your service is invoiced on the same date each month. If you do receive your bill every two months and prefer to receive it monthly, please call 13 14 64 and request this change. The monthly plan fee is charged in advance. Your first invoice will be for more than the monthly plan fee because it will include the plan fee for the days between service activation and your first invoice date plus the plan fee for the next full month.

Fair Use

The service is subject to our Fair Use Policy. The fair use policy can be found on our website www.southernphone.com.au/fairuse. In addition the service cannot:

  • Be used for running a telemarketing business or call centre and
  • Be used with handsets, auto-dialler devices or software or other equipment that have not been approved by us for use on our network
Incorrect Callout Fee

If a fault is lodged and a technician attends your premises and finds the fault is in your equipment and not in the network an incorrect call out fee of $150 applies. Any additional technician charges incurred will be added to your account.

Activation & Connection Fees

There is no activation fee if you are transferring an existing fixed line connection from another provider. A connection charge applies to connect your home phone service:

  • Telephone line without a technician visit – existing customer $59or new customer $99
  • Telephone line with a technician visit – existing customer $125 or new customer $165
  • New telephone line connection/telephone line connection with a technician visit and cabling work – existing customer $299 or new customer $339
Connection timeframes

Once we’ve accepted your application, we’ll try to connect your home phone service on the date you ask for, but this might not always be possible. If there has been a previous working home phone service at your property and we can reconnect it without having to visit your property, the local telephone exchange or anywhere in between, then we aim to connect the service within 5 working days of your request. If this isn’t possible, then we aim to connect your service within 5 to 25 working days, depending on your location.

Customer Service

For customer service please call us on 13 14 64.

Obtaining Data Use Information

To access information about your expenditure and data usage, please log in to your account at www.southernphone.com.au

Dispute Resolution

If you have a problem or complaint about your service please call us on 13 14 64. If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058. For full information visit tio.com.au/about-us/contact-us. This is a summary only. For the full pricing, terms and conditions applicable to this service, please visit southernphone.com.au or download the the Critical Information Summary below.