What is it?

The nbn™ network is Australia's first national open access communications network that is being built to bring high speed broadband Internet and telephone services within the reach of all Australian premises.

It will utilise a mix of technologies depending where you live, expected to improve the way you connect with one another. It is replacing most existing landline phone and Internet networks.

To keep using your services you need to move them to the nbn™ network before they are switched off. We can connect your landline home phone and your Internet to the nbn™ network.

Speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives and choose a plan that best suits your needs.


There are different speed options available, discuss the options with our Customer Service Representatives.


Our goal is to get you using the nbn™ network as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to get you set up quickly. This is why it is important to switch early. Be sure to get connected well before your 'switch off' date to avoid the last minute rush.

Our Customer Service Staff at our regional call centre will keep you updated at each step of the process.

nbn™ ready modem

Bonus modem included

Tech Support

We have a designated team to provide you with the best possible technical support. We'll ensure you a smooth transition to the nbn™ network.

Can I get the Internet only?

Yes you can. You don't need to have a phone line to have nbn™. Talk to us about your options.

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