Mobile Broadband Green 15


Per Month

These Green mobile broadband are a fast and easy way to connect to the web anywhere there’s 4G reception, on the go, outside, or away from home.

Plan Summary

Broadband Data: 15GB

Speed: Optus 4G

Cost of 1MB of Broadband Data: $0.0022

Contract: 12 Month

Need a dongle? Choose a 4G dongle below to connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time.

(+$99 outright)
Mobile Broadband Dongle

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Mobile Broadband

Broadband Data: 15GB

Speed: Optus 4G

Contract: 12 Month

Dongle: No


Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile broadband?

Mobile Broadband (MBB) is a portable internet service that operates off mobile towers and networks. Southern Phone provides these services in the form of a sim card that can be used in a USB dongle, compatible router and personal devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Which size SIM card do I need?

All of our SIM Cards are triple punched meaning they are convertible to Standard, Micro and Nano SIM Cards. You can check your mobile handset’s manual or manufacturer’s website to find out which SIM size you need.

What is mobile data?

Mobile data is one way mobile device users can gain wireless access to the internet. Your mobile data inclusions depend on the mobile plan you are on.

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