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Fixed Phone
Phone Features 3-Way Chat - Activating 3-Way Chat - Features and Benefits3-Way Chat - How to use 3-Way Chat - What is it?Abbreviated Dialling - What is it?Call Back - How much does it cost?Call Back - How to useCall Back - TroubleshootingCall Back - What is it?Call Back Busy - How to cancelCall Back Busy - How to useCall Back Busy - What is it?Call Barring - How does it work?Call Barring - How much does it cost?Call Barring - What options are available?Call Control - ActivatingCall Control - CostCall Control - How to useCall Control - What is it?Call Forward - How much does it cost?Call Forward - How to useCall Forward - What is it?Call Return - How much does it cost?Call Return - How to useCall Return - TroubleshootingCall Return - What is it?Call Waiting - ActivatingCall Waiting - Troubleshooting this ServiceCall Waiting - What is it?Calling Number Display - How much does it cost?Calling Number Display - What is it?Delayed Hotline - ActivatingDelayed Hotline - How to useDelayed Hotline - What is it?Duet Phone and Fax Multiple Number - What is it?Line Blocking - ActivatingLine Blocking - How to useLine Blocking - What is it?Line Hunt - How much does it cost?Line Hunt - Is it available?Line Hunt - What is it?MessageBank - Can I get it?MessageBank - Changing the number of rings before it answersMessageBank - How do I set it up?MessageBank - How much does it cost?MessageBank - How to set it upMessageBank - What is it?MessageBank Away - How much does it cost?MessageBank Away - What is it?MessageBank Virtual - How much does it cost?MessageBank Virtual - What is it?Multiple Number - How much does it cost?Multiple Number - What is it?Order NowPriority Assistance - What is it?Remote Access - How much does it cost?Remote Access - What is it?Remote Access - Where is it available?Silent Number - ActivatingSilent Number - What is it?Smart Ring - What is it?
Mobile ServicesBlackberry - Can you use the Blackberry email service with Southern Phone?Blackberry - Does Southern Phone support Blackberry handsets?Blackberry - What features will workCall Diversion - ChargesCall Diversion - Diverting Calls to VoicemailCall Diversion - Extending the ring time before a call is divertedCan I receive and read an incoming SMS when browsing?Can I receive incoming calls when browsing?How are web browsing sessions terminated?How much data is used?MMS - What does an MMS cost?MMS - What is MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)?MMS - What is the maximum KB size MMS that can be sent?Optus Voicemail - Message RetrievalOptus Voicemail - Other Useful TipsOptus Voicemail - Setting and Cancelling DiversionsOptus Voicemail - Setting upPorting Your NumberSIM Card Error MessagesSMS - I am unable to send an SMSTelstra Messagebank - How to listen to your messages from your mobileTelstra Messagebank - How to personalise your greetingTelstra Messagebank - How you'll know when you get a messageTelstra Messagebank - What happens if you hang up before listening to all your messages?Unsuccessful TransferUsing a datacardUsing a handset/PDA as a modemVodafone Voicemail - How to access voicemail from overseasVodafone Voicemail - How to extend the ringtimeVodafone Voicemail - How to personalise your voicemail greetingVodafone Voicemail - How to set upVodafone Voicemail - How you'll know when you'll get a messageVoicemail - RemovalVoicemail - What happens if you hang up before listening to all your messages?What is WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)?
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