Our plan


Local callsUnlimited

National calls60 cents for 10 minutes

Calls to mobiles90 cents for 10 minutes

Calls to 13 numbers40 cents per call

250GB monthly

Up to 20/1Mbps

Wi-fi modem included


plan fee per month for 24 months

Minimum cost over 24 months$1,970

$0 line rental
Capped calls to mobiles - 90 cents for 10 minutes
Capped national calls - 60 cents for 10 minutes
Cost of 1MB data $0.0003

We've got your business covered

This is a great value bundle that combines your business fixed line phone and broadband internet services. You get unlimited local calls plus capped mobile and national calls plus plenty of monthly broadband data allowance. Great savings!

Modem included

Modem included

A Wi-Fi modem allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time. Connect your mobile, laptop, tablet, printers and other business devices.