With ever-changing smart technology, 2018 looks set to bring more communication and management avenues to the surface. Which means now is the best time to jump on the bandwagon, get ahead of the curve, and become the most organised version of yourself you can hope to be.

Maybe you want to develop healthier habits? Or maybe you want to be prepared when the kids’ extracurricular calendar starts filling up? Whether you received the new iPhone X for Christmas or just want to do a few upgrades to bring your iOS or Android device into 2018, we’ve sorted the good from bad to help you get started. 

Get the best from your new year with a range of organisational apps that will help set you up for success!

Get the best from your new year with a range of organisational apps that will help set you up for success!

Below you’ll find a description of some of the best apps on the market to help you make this new year great.

1 - Awesome Note (+ToDo/Calendar)

iOS, $3.99

Among the best multi-purpose task management apps on the market, Awesome Note, as the name implies, is a concise and user-friendly interface for creating notes and to-do lists. Visually compelling, it gives the serious list maker and the busy mind utilitarian tools to help keep track of ideas, tasks and chores. With the option for different colour schemes, changing backgrounds, fonts and icons, Awesome Note can make task-setting fun whilst still being productive.

2 - Doodle

Android and iOS, Free

Let’s face it, trying to get out of your weekly team meeting to juggle soccer practice with dance class can be a nightmare. Meeting up with your friend for coffee but still having a list of chores to do at home requires tact – but not anymore! Scheduling conflicts are a thing of the past with Doodle. By letting you suggest times, Doodle helps sort out schedules which works best for everyone. Which makes it an invaluable planning tool that takes the pain out of finding the best time and date for a group of people to meet. The only downside to Doodle is scheduling across different time zones can get a little tricky.

3 - Any.do

iOS, Free

The ultimate list manager, Any.do allows you to quickly create shopping lists and sync among your devices – you can even share the list with the rest of the family! The app also works as a task manager and features some very capable features – the Any.do Moment encourages you to stop and review your plans for the day, helping you to create good productivity habits in the process. 

4 - Edison

Android, Free

Are you the forgetful type? This award-winning assistant may be your organisational saviour. Just hook the app up to a range of supported social and calendar applications and services and it will present some simplified suggested actions from a unified dashboard. Saving time, effort and hassle, Edison keeps email, contact management, social media upkeep and more, a whole lot simpler.

5 - Mint

Android, Free

A fantastic application to help you keep a track of your finances, Mint gives you instant access to your account balances, financial transcriptions, spending habits and budgets. Mint helps keep your personal finances in check on the go, with its budgets feature keeping you on track for personal financial goals.

At its most basic, Mint gives you real-time access to all your financial account balances and transactions. This is the same data you can get from your own bank and credit card provider, only with Mint, it’s all in one place. The Mint app can show you exactly where you’re spending money and its useful widgets offer advice on how you can save more. 

The right apps can turn your years productivity from good to great!

The right apps can turn your years productivity from good to great!

6 - Dropbox

Android and iOS, Free

An oldie but a goodie, Dropbox regularly updates its application that allow your files to live all over the place. Dropbox lets you store your files, videos, photos and more in the “cloud” and allows you to access them from any device anywhere you have internet access. Your home desktop, laptop, and smartphone - everywhere you live online, Dropbox gives you have a reliable and flexible syncing programme. With its simple interface, fast uploading and swift syncing across all accounts, Dropbox will help you share and store your documents with ease. 

7 - Snapseed

Android and iOS, Free

Snapseed give you more than you'd expect from your typical photo-editing app. It's aimed at more discerning smartphone photographers who want more from their devices. Snapseed meets this demand, packing all of the photo-editing tools you could ever need into one app. The design is streamlined, with the latest version offering several new tools. The gesture-based interface offers an incredible level of control over the effects and filters it has to offer. However, this means that Snapseed isn't a great choice for those new to smartphones, as it also lacks a built-in tutorial. So if 2018 is the year you want to get serious with your smartphone photography,this could be the app for you!. 

8 – Fitbit

Android and iOS, Free

A new year, a new you! The popular fitness tracker works well as a wearable health band but also works well as a standalone application. Using your smartphone, Fitbit can record the steps you take each day, log exercise activities to help you reach daily targets, and of course, sync with the popular fitness health band (worn just like a watch), also available on the market. The social features mean you can also get competitive with your friends, making it a fun and smart choice for anyone looking to get more active this year.

9 - MyFitnessPal

Android and iOS, Free

A smartphone health and fitness classic, MyFitnessPal reigns supreme as the best all-in-one kilojoule counter and exercise tracker on the smartphone app market. Its simple design and interface makes using the app a quick task rather than an exhausting chore, which many find is essential when trying to achieve a fitness or weight goal. MyFitnessPal boasts an extensive food and nutrition database which makes tracking your meals a simple task. The many other health and fitness apps that MyFitnessPal can be synced with makes food and fitness tracking a breeze. The only catch is unlockables – if you want to get rid of those pesky ads and unlock some additional capabilities, such as macronutrient count, you’re looking at a monthly subscription of $9.99. This may or may not be worth the investment depending on your needs. Nevertheless, the basic and free version of the app promises results and has a positive reception across the board. 

10 - Amazon Shopping

Android and iOS, Free

With the launch of the popular shopping site’s Australian warehouse at the end of 2017, Amazon is the cheap and convenient internet marketplace where you can buy just about anything. It’s incredibly simple to browse and shop for items, and the comparison tool makes it easy to reduce the sheer volume of choice in products with which you are presented. You can use your device’s camera to scan real-world items to find books, clothing, homewares and more in Amazon’s database without having to manually search for them. The customisable lists allow you to create Wish Lists for tailored occasions and share it with your friends and family. Though the Australian warehouse is still in its infancy and jumping a few hurdles, Amazon US and UK do still cater for Australian customers – just watch out for postage costs!

Making it app-en

What do you think of our list? Do you use any of the apps we’ve included here? Or are there any that we’ve missed that you think deserve a mention?

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