Protect your kids online
with a Kids Safe Bundle!

Includes unlimited broadband and Family Zone protection!

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Kids Safe Bundle



Per Month

Home Broadband

Modem Included

Home Phone Plan

Family Zone Protection

Learn more about Family Zone protection


Safe Content

Removes adult content for safe searching.

Restrict Social Media - Family Zone

Restrict Social Media

Manage use of social apps and in-app purchasing.

Manage-Screen-Time - Family Zone

Manage Screen Time

Set routines for what kids can access, when - plus give devices sleep times.


Any device protected, anywhere.

Both the Family Zone App and Family Zone Box work at home and when out and about on mobiles

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Family Zone work?

The technology works in two ways. Firstly, at home, there’s the Family Zone Box that is connected to your WiFi modem. This effectively filters internet content and ensures that all devices on the network are safe and protected online. Secondly, for when kids are out-and-about on their smart devices, there’s a mobile app which is consistent with the settings they have at home. You control it all using the Family Zone portal - which is simply a website where you manage all of your devices, settings and family members.

Can it control how much time my kids spend online?

Yes. Each member of your family has a routine. This is the times of the day which are classified as sleep, school, study and play time. Internet access settings are different for each of these routine times. You can quickly change these routines to the nearest 15 minutes allowing you to tailor internet access to your family’s needs

Will the Family Zone box slow down the internet?

No. Family Zone uses an innovative ‘fast filtering technology’ on the Home Networking service. The effect of the Family Zone filters should be imperceptible to most users. Family Zone also by default does not block or track adult users. The Box includes an Unfiltered WiFi network so adults, media devices or whatever else you choose can be easily set to bypass security entirely.

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